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By Countryside Dental
June 14, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Contouring and reshaping offers a simple, effective way to treat dental issues that affect your appearance and your bite. Our Chatham, cosmetic dentistryNY, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Domenic Riccobono, discusses how contouring and reshaping is performed and explains when it's recommended.

Changing the appearance of teeth in minutes

Contouring and reshaping involves removing small portions of tooth enamel with a dental drill to change the shape or length of a tooth or eliminate small flaws. It usually takes less than 30 minutes and requires no anesthesia.

An excellent solution for many issues

Do you have a tiny, but noticeable, chip at the bottom of a tooth? Contouring and reshaping can smooth out the chipped area and improve your smile. It's also used to eliminate points at the ends of teeth and make uneven teeth look more uniform. Sometimes the edges of teeth overlap slightly. Contouring and reshaping eliminates the overlapping areas in just seconds. Eliminating overlapping areas transforms your smile, but also makes it easier to remove plaque from your teeth.

Over the years, your teeth can shift slightly, changing your bite. Bite issues are uncomfortable and can be responsible for muscle tension and headaches. Fortunately, contouring and reshaping offers an effective solution for minor bite problems. More severe bite issues may require orthodontic treatment.

The contouring and reshaping process

Preparation is the key to ensuring that your teeth will look their best. Before your teeth are treated, you'll have an X-ray in our Chatham office to make sure that your teeth are healthy. If any issues are detected, they may need to be corrected before the contouring and reshaping begins. Once Dr. Riccobono is satisfied that your teeth are in good condition, he'll mark the areas that will be contoured. Using the marked lines as a guide, he'll remove enamel with a laser or sanding drill, then polish your teeth. He may also add a little bonding material to cover chips or fill small gaps between your teeth. After your teeth are polished, you'll be amazed at the change in your smile.

Are you interested in learning if contouring and reshaping is the right treatment for you? Call Chatham, NY, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Riccobono, at (518) 392-5231 to schedule an appointment.