Why Dental Implants Help You Achieve Your Perfect Smile

By Countryside Dental
February 06, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental implants  

If you've suffered the loss of a tooth (or multiple teeth), you understand the adverse effects it can have on your smile - and your confidence. But could the answer to restoring your smile be found right here in Chatham, NY?

At Countryside Dental, you'll experience exactly what your teeth need for you to have a reborn grin. Using techniques likedental Dental Implantsimplants, the expert dental technicians on site led by Domenic Riccobono, DDS, make it their daily delight to invest the right amount of time needed to create every perfect smile, every time.

Dental implants are made from synthetic structures that dentists use to fill the space left by a missing tooth root. Typically, implants serve as the base structure necessary for an artificial tooth, permanent bridge, or occasionally dentures to be placed later.

Though dental implants are the tried-and-true method for regaining that perfect smile when you have teeth missing, not everyone is in a prime position to have them placed in their gums. The patients most suited for dental implants are those who have a healthy bone density in their jaws and a strong immune system to stave off any potential post-placement infections. Also, patients who cannot adhere to a strict dental hygiene regimen will find it difficult to maintain long-term success of their implants. After all, the same is indicative of all dental restoration procedures: using diligent care to keep up on proper dental hygiene helps ensure their long-term success.

For more information on dental implants and why they can naturally help you achieve the crystal-clear grin you've been missing, give Dr. Riccobono a call today at (855) 742-2197. After all, regaining your confidence after an injury or accident has taken your precious pearly whites from you is something you deserve, so it's time to achieve it once and for all by getting a full smile again right here in New York!