What Type of Dental Filling Should I Choose?

By Countryside Dental
April 06, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

What you need to know about dental fillings

There’s a lot to know about dental fillings. There are so many new techniques and materials it’s hard to keep up with dentistry. Just a few dental fillingsyears ago, the only dental filling choice was a metal filling which was not very natural-looking. Now, you have a few choices for dental fillings that will protect, and enhance your smile. Your cosmetic dentists at Countryside Dental in Chatham, New York, want to help answer your questions about dental fillings, such as:

What are the different materials used for dental fillings?

Silver fillings, also called amalgam restorations, are the strongest dental fillings. They are typically placed on back teeth where you need biting strength. These fillings can be placed in one appointment.

Composite fillings are tooth-colored liquid resin, which is hardened with an ultraviolet “curing” light. Your cosmetic dentists at Countryside Dental can match the color of composite perfectly to your existing teeth, so you won’t even know it’s there. Composite fillings can also be placed in one appointment

Porcelain fillings are the most beautiful dental restorations. They are created in a dental laboratory and cemented at a later appointment. Because they require more appointments and creation in a lab, porcelain restorations are more expensive.

Glass ionomer fillings are also matched to your existing tooth color. They are typically placed along the gumline where you need aesthetics but not chewing strength. Glass ionomer can also be placed in one appointment.

How much do dental fillings cost?

The cost of your fillings will depend on which material you choose, how many surfaces of the tooth are restored, and how many teeth are involved. Fillings are priced according to each surface restored, with amalgam and glass ionomer being the least expensive, and porcelain and gold the most expensive.

What happens during a filling appointment?

Your cosmetic dentists at Countryside Dental prepare your tooth to receive the filling by removing all of the decay and creating space for the filling material. If you choose amalgam, composite or glass ionomer, you will receive your filling at the same appointment. If you have chosen gold or porcelain after your tooth is prepared, a mold of your teeth is taken and sent off to the dental laboratory. Lab technicians create your custom dental restoration and return it to the office. Your cosmetic dentists at Countryside Dental cement your filling at a later appointment.

If you have more questions about choosing the right dental filling for your needs, don’t hesitate to call your cosmetic dentists at Countryside Dental in Chatham, New York. You have an important decision to make, so don’t make it alone. Find out more about dental fillings and call today!